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Mighty Men and Facts of Sexual Dysfunction

Household harmony is synonymous with sexual satisfaction that is felt against a partner. Research conducted in 2014 found that sexual satisfaction has a close relationship with the quality of relationships with partners.
The importance of sexual satisfaction in a paired life makes the criteria of a "mighty man" one of the requirements needed to increase sexual satisfaction.
"Mighty men" are generally cialis online synonymous with the strength and endurance of men when having sexual relations with their partners. However, there are some sexual dysfunctions that can prevent men from getting the title "mighty man".

Sexual Dysfunction Category

Sexual dysfunction is a disorder that is experienced while having sexual relations.
Sexual dysfunction can be experienced by all ages and genders. Sexual dysfunction in men is a fairly common disorder and makes men try to look for recipes to become "mighty men".
Broadly speaking, sexual dysfunction is divided into four categories, namely:
  • Sexual arousal disorder, this disorder occurs when a man can not be physically excited even though emotionally already feeling passionate.
  • An orgasmic disorder, a disorder experienced when a man is unable to reach orgasm or takes a very long time to reach orgasm .
  • Pain disorders, disorders that include pain during intercourse.
  • Sexual desire disorder, a disorder characterized by conditions of absence or lack of desire to have sexual relations.

Sexual Dysfunction that Harasses Mighty Men

Sexual dysfunction in men that often occurs and makes men frustrated to achieve the title "mighty man" is:
  • Premature Ejaculation (Premature Ejaculation)
Conditions when men experience ejaculation that is too fast than desired by the man and his partner. Usually men will be considered to have premature ejaculation if ejaculation occurs less than one minute after penetration. Premature ejaculation makes it seem as if the time to enjoy sexual activity is lacking.
The cause of premature ejaculation is not only a psychological problem, but this condition occurs due to a complex interaction between psychological and biological factors. Psychological factors that are meant for example are a history of sexual violence, depression , or a bad view of the body itself.
While biologically, the causes that contribute to premature ejaculation are abnormal hormone levels, inflammation or infection in the prostate or urethra and heredity.
  • Erectile Dysfunction (Impotence)
In contrast to premature ejaculation which is synonymous with endurance, erectile dysfunction or impotence is identical to strength in "mighty men".
Impotence is the inability of men to have an erection or requires a very long time to experience an erection. Impotence can cause embarrassment and frustration in men.
However, please note that erectile dysfunction can be a sign of another medical condition, such as heart disease , high cholesterol , high blood pressure , diabetes , obesity . Therefore, consult a doctor if you feel very disturbed by this problem.
  • Delayed ejaculation
The right time is crucial in sexual satisfaction of a partner. Prolonged ejaculation or even the inability to experience ejaculation can cause stress in a paired life.
Usually men who experience delayed ejaculation need more than 30 minutes to be able to ejaculate. In fact, some men don't ejaculate at all.
Like other causes of sexual dysfunction, this condition is also caused by psychological and biological factors. In addition, certain medications such as antidepressants, some high blood pressure medications, diuretics and antipsychotic drugs can also cause delayed ejaculation.

Are there ways to deal with sexual dysfunction?

Checking with a doctor will help to provide the right treatment. You do not need to hesitate to get checked out just because shame is considered not a mighty man. Appropriate treatment can help overcome the problem of sexual dysfunction that is experienced based on the cause.
Generally doctors will provide treatment in the form of drugs to accelerate blood circulation to the penis or the installation of certain tools that can help the function of male vital organs.

In addition to drugs and equipment installation, sufferers can also participate in sex therapy or psychotherapy, and learn techniques that can help when having sex with a partner.


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