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What Are the Causes of Impotence and How Can You Overcome It?

What Is Impotence?

In the medical world, impotence is also commonly referred to as erectile dysfunction. This is a condition where the penis is not able to be tense enough to have sex, or can be tense but not long enough to complete sexual activity.

Under normal circumstances, erections occur due to the body's natural chemical reactions. When a man experiences sexual arousal, the brain will send nitrogen oxide compounds to the penis area which then causes the muscles of the penis to relax until the blood vessels in the penis widen. Blood will flow in and be held inside. This is what makes the penis become hard and stiff.

After achieving sexual cialis sans ordonnance satisfaction, the muscles of the penis will tighten again, the blood vessels will gradually shrink back so that the blood that was previously held inside will flow out of the penis area. As a result, the penis back becomes weak and shrinks.

In the case of impotence, the series of processes does not take place smoothly. It could be that the blood vessels in the penis are not able to widen so that blood cannot enter to cause an erection. It could also, not enough blood entering or the blood is flowing too fast out of the penis area, so that the erection disappears.

Who is at risk?

Most people assume that impotence only affects older men. Because naturally, penis performance is likely to continue to decline with increasing age. It's just a fact, not a few young adult men who also experience similar sexual problems.

According to Asian Journal of Andrology data, the number of impotence sufferers in Indonesia is around 15% in men aged 20-29 years, around 30% in men aged 30-39 years, around 41% in men aged 40-49 years, and most are men aged 50 and over reach 70%.

What Are the Causes of Impotence?

Impotence can be caused by various types of health disorders, which can be broadly grouped into two, namely physical health disorders and psychological health disorders. Here are some examples and explanations:

Physical Health Disorders:

  • Aging
    The older a person is, the greater the risk of developing impotence. That is because the production of the hormone testosterone which naturally will decrease with age. In addition, older men generally also have other health problems that can also inhibit the process of erection.
  • Highcholesterol The amount of cholesterol in the body that is too high will accumulate in blood vessels. As a result, narrowing or even blockage of blood vessels occurs. This situation is clearly the opposite to the erectile condition where blood vessels should dilate.
  • High blood pressure High bloodpressure causes the blood to become thicker so that the flow is obstructed. In fact, the penis requires a smooth blood flow to be able to achieve a pretty good erection.
  • Obesity
    Obese people have the potential to suffer greater impotence than older people. This is because obesity will lead to various complications that further complicate erectile ability. Among these are hormonal imbalances, blocked arteries, psychological disorders, insulin resistance, and others. 
  • Diabetes
    About 30-75% of diabetics experience impotence problems. This happens because of high blood sugar levels which will inhibit the production of nitrogen oxides. As a result, the penis muscles will not be able to relax optimally, blood vessels do not expand optimally, until finally the blood entering the penis area is not enough to make an erection.
  • Numerous diseases of nervous breakdownThe process of erection begins with stimulation, which is then transmitted to the brain through the nervous system. So if someone suffers from a neurological disorder, such as a stroke or Parkinson's disease, the process of delivering stimuli to the brain will be disrupted. Not infrequently, people with medical conditions are difficult to raise libido.
  • Consumption of alcoholic drinks Alcoholicdrinks cause dehydration which means the blood volume will decrease. Alcohol also triggers the production of angiotensin hormone which inhibits erection. Long-term alcohol consumption will also turn off nerve cells, so sexual arousal will be difficult to reach the brain to arouse passion.
  • Cigarette consumptionVarious chemicals contained in cigarettes can damage blood vessels, including blood vessels in the penis. If this happens, then the blood can not be collected there to form an erection. The good news, smokers who experience impotence can gradually improve after stopping smoking.
  • Cancer TreatmentSeveral cases of impotence are found in cancer patients, especially prostate cancer. However, cancer itself actually does not have any impact on male sexual performance. The real cause is chemotherapy, where this process can suppress the production of the hormone testosterone and disrupt the nervous system.
  • Various types of sleep disorders are
    erectile ability is strongly influenced by the hormone testosterone. This hormone is usually produced by the body at night when we sleep. With a chaotic sleep pattern, the production of the hormone testosterone is reduced so that it inhibits the ability of the penis to erect. 

Psychological Problems:

Although rare, psychological effects can also be one of the causes of impotence. Because basically, an erection occurs due to sexual arousal that appears in the brain. Meanwhile, psychological disorders that are severe enough to disrupt the performance of the brain to carry out the erection process.
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Stress
  • Poor quality relationship with a partner
  • Excessive anxiety
  • Experience of past sexual assault

Based on statistics, almost 95% of cases of impotence in Indonesia occur due to physical disorders. That includes a decline in sexual performance naturally in older men. Meanwhile, psychological disorders contribute only about 5%. This group is dominated by young sufferers, the age range of 20-29 years.


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