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Is the blog still promising in 2022?

Is the blog still promising in 2022? Many people, especially those who want to plan to jump into the world of bloggers, question whether the blogger profession is still promising in 2022. They questioned whether in the next year a blogger could make a lot of money.

That question, of course, is not without reason. Based on data from Google Trends, the trend of interest for bloggers tends to decrease in contrast to the rapidly increasing YouTubers. And even in search results YouTube videos are also often above a piece of writing content.

In addition, many who were originally a blogger have now become YouTubers because they are considered more promising. One of them is Raditya Dika, if you click the blog it will redirect directly to the Raditya Dika YouTube channel.

Those who switched rated that video content was more desirable than written content. They think indonesians would rather watch a video than read. Is the blog still promising in 2022?

If that's the case, then is the blog still promising in the next year? For the answer to this question then I dare say 'still promising'.

The proof, the blogger profession has not really been destroyed. Names such as Nodi Nugroho, Adi Suryadi, Sugeng Riyadi, Igniel, and other senior bloggers still exist and spawn works.

Not only that, the platform for bloggers as a forum for writing is still available to this day and is still growing more sophisticated. Why Blogs Are Still Promising in 2022

Here are the reasons SEO Enterprises why being a blogger is still very promising and you should not hesitate to pursue it: Can Make Money

Until recently, if you became a blogger the opportunity to make money still remained wide open. You can still earn money from different roads.

Maybe in the past bloggers made money only from Google AdSense ads, now there are many ways to earn money from blogging. Among others, namely affiliates, product reviews, banner ads, and many others.

And in 2022 it is predicted that there will be more ways to earn money from blogs. So if it's still earning, are you still hesitant to become a blogger? I suggest for you to continue.

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Competition that is not so tight

When compared to being a YouTuber, the competition to be a blogger is not so heavy. This is because the number of bloggers who have decreased and not as much as YouTubers.

About the competition of works and keywords in Google, it must be admitted that it is currently controlled by major media. But even so, that doesn't mean you can't compete with it.

To be able to compete with large blogs, you must optimize your blog with SEO techniques. The goal is that the articles created can appear on Google's search engine, even topped the rankings.

Not only that, do not forget to do branding and promotion so that more people know and read your writing on the blog. It can be an investment

Blogs are not a medium to generate money in a short time, but you can make a blog to invest.

Initially, you have to spend capital to buy the domain and device needed. But in a few years if you are consistent it can instantly produce in very large amounts.

If you create a blog today, write regularly, and do SEO optimization well then in 2022 you can reap the rewards. Make You Famous

Become famous by writing a blog, why not? Names like Nodi Nugroho, Adi Suryadi, Sugeng Riyadi, and the names I mentioned were originally nobody. But nowadays they are already famous as bloggers and writers and everyone knows it.

If you want to become a famous blogger, start from today so that in 2022 god willing already enough people know you. At least it is well known among bloggers.

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Tips for Becoming a Blogger

Interested in becoming a successful blogger? You can apply the following tips.

  • Improve writing skills because these skills are the main thing and must be owned by a blogger. If your writing is good and many people are looking for, then your blog will automatically be famous.
  • Learn design and coding as well because if you master both it can streamline your work as a blogger. And if you have capital, you can buy a premium theme that has been guaranteed quality and design.
  • Actively build relationships and communication by joining the community. Bloggers get a lot of jobs through their own relationships and communities. You can also build relationships by replying to comments from visitors.
  • Manages the time well between writing, working, and doing other activities. Don't let anyone get caught. Make sure you do not make the blog as a full job at the beginning of blog creation, create a blog as a side and if you already see results, then totality in blogging. Different if you are still in school or college, then optimize your blog as much as possible.
  • Consistent. This becomes a thing that should not be forgotten just like that, you must continue to be consistent at least to write quality writing.
  • Never be satisfied and keep learning so that you can become a successful blogger.
  • Always look for opportunities and learn about successful outside blogs, imitate their ways and apply them on your blog in order to also be as successful as they are.

So the conclusion is that blogs are still very promising in 2022. But it all still depends on you, if you do not do the above then do not expect to be successful because to succeed it takes a struggle.

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