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Erectile Disorders Can Be Caused By Diabetes

There are many complications of diabetes that you should be aware of. However, this one complication you might not expect. Yes, diabetes turns out to be related to impotence, which is a condition in which a man has difficulty reaching or maintaining penile erections. What is the relationship between impotence and diabetes? Find out complete information about erectile disorders due to diabetes below.

What is an erectile disorder?

Erectile disorders or impotence is the inability to start and maintain an erection during intercourse. Erections that occur on the penis are not hard enough and cannot maintain an erection so that it cannot penetrate into the vagina. Erectile cialis españa disorders that take place continuously can reduce self-confidence and affect the quality of relationships between partners.

Is impotence caused by diabetes?

Unfortunately, impotence is a common thing experienced by men with diabetes. About 35 to 75 percent of men with diabetes experience erectile disorders. Worse, this is often ignored by people with diabetes because it occurs slowly. Often they are not aware that this is one of the complications of diabetes itself.
The cause of impotence in diabetic patients is very complicated, namely in the form of changes in the body that cause interference with blood vessels and nerves. High blood sugar levels can damage the function of blood vessels so that they cannot get an erection to the maximum.
The erection process occurs when blood flow flows into the penis and blood vessels in the penis "trap" the blood to settle in the penis. If blood vessel function is disrupted, blood cannot settle completely in the penis so that the erectile condition cannot be maintained.
In addition, high sugar levels can also damage the peripheral nerves that disrupt the erection process. Impotence can also be related to high blood pressure and coronary heart disease which is also commonly experienced by people with diabetes.
Other causes that can cause impotence are psychological factors, such as stress or insecurity when having sex with men with diabetes. Vice versa, erectile disorders can cause psychological stress which results in decreased libido which then aggravates erectile disorders.

How do you overcome impotence in diabetic patients?

Many men are reluctant to go to the doctor to check this condition. Don't let shyness stop you from treating this condition early on. Impotence is common in men with diabetes. Erectile disorders do not occur suddenly, but a process that runs slowly is often not realized. If you feel you have an erectile disorder, immediately consult a doctor to get a comprehensive treatment.
The key to managing erectile disorders in diabetics is to control blood sugar levels. Tell your doctor about the symptoms that occur to you so that the doctor can provide proper treatment. Consumption of diabetes medications recommended by doctors regularly and regular exercise can help control blood sugar levels.
Also check your other health problems that can worsen erectile disorders, such as high blood pressure or psychological problems (depression, anxiety, etc.). Your doctor will give you blood pressure-lowering medications that are routinely taken or recommend consulting with a psychologist or mental health doctor who will help you deal with this condition.
Overweight or what is referred to as obesity is also one of the risk factors for erectile disorders. Weight loss can help in impotence therapy. Also reduce bad habits such as smoking and consumption of alcoholic beverages.
Hello Health Group and Hello Sehat do not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please check our editorial policy page for more detailed information.


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